Are you a female entrepreneur with an MVP who needs support in your marvelous but challenging journey?


Get your website built from scratch or elevate what you already have (Squarespace)


Hire an experienced “Swiss Army knife” executive to take charge of your marketing



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Our founder Gabrielle has always cared deeply about sustainability and has committed years of entrepreneurship to growing her brands in that field.

Along the way, she has acquired significant experience in working under tight constraints. She had to learn how to manage her emotional well-being in stressful times. This led to keen awareness around systems and mindsets she is now happy to share.

Today, she works with a proficient team of freelancers and experts across the globe. She believes in sourcing the right people & tools to get the job done with minimal effort and maximal results. Now, she can support other entrepreneurs to advance their businesses.

Business coaching

One spot left

Are you a female impact and/or innovative entrepreneur with a Minimum Viable Product who needs support in your marvelous, impactful but challenging journey? Together, we will:

  • Clarify your business plan: how do you make money, how much and how do you spend it while keeping your project profitable

  • Identify and structure your objectives

  • Define and follow up on your to-do list - think accountability partner

  • Set up processes so you can delegate tasks

  • Brainstorm solutions to your problems and find ways to implement them

  • Figure out the right tools (technical, structural, financial and mental) to advance your business

  • Set up a strategy to manage priorities so you don’t burn out and find balance

  • Understand how emotional management can enable you reach your objectives faster

Finally, we provide you with a safe space to vent frustrations as few people in our surroundings understand the particular challenges of being an entrepreneur. Sometimes the mere fact of sharing things out loud can provide valuable perspective (or just make you feel better!).


We've emailed you all the meeting details including the Zoom link.

We look forward to learning more about your project!

Website creation

One spot left

Get your website built from scratch or we elevate what you already have. We will create, set up and coordinate:

  • Brand identity creation & design

  • Content structure

  • Copywriting (EN & FR)

  • Illustrations, icons & photography sourcing

  • Webdesign (Squarespace, Softr & Carrd), incl. e-commerce

  • Basic SEO

  • Multilingual content

Examples of the work available here, here and here.


We've emailed you all the meeting details including the Zoom link.

We look forward to learning more about your project!

Marketing expert

Next availability: December 2021

Hire an experienced “Swiss Army knife” executive to source, create, coordinate and manage your:

  • Copywriting (website, email, blog, brochure, presentations, etc.)

  • Design needs (illustrations, icons & photographies)

  • Email outreach and social media management

  • Templates (brief, creation, roll-out)

  • Task automation through no-code tools (Airtable, Google Sheet, Parabola, Zapier)

  • Project management